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Things I wanna put here

14 January 1988
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I'll be starting a job tomorrow selling corn with my friend Kousen. Other then that still just putting random stuff in here. Stuff that happens in my life, good or bad. Even things that I like and anything else that I think of for my journal enteries. I'm a cosplayer for the East Coast Square Enix. I cosplay as my own character Cierien for KH/KH2, Envy and Riza from FMA, Rukia/Orihime from Bleach and also Toboe from Wolf's Rain. It also depends on what our group desides to do for the conventions. Like for this year at Otacon if we go I'm doing Riza. I'm also a furry, I have three fursonas, all female felines. My first two that I had were Tinashi and Reshi. Tinashi is my light side, she is a Calico. Tinashi's calico coloring is based off of my cat's coloring. As for Reshi she is my dark side, she is a fishing cat with twist of me. She is Blue with the black fishing cat markings. The right forepaw/left hinepaw is black. And her left forepaw/right hinepaw is grey. Her belly, inside of her ear and tip of the tail is grey as well. She also has midback length blue-grey hair. And finally a few months ago when I was still with the guy that I liked, I was feeling like I had another side of me, and that's where my third fursona came to play. Her name is Tigera, she's is a light blue tiger with white strips and has emerald green eyes---> http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v474/CierienNRio/?action=view¤t=TigeraRefSheetcolored.jpg, (her nose area is light blue as well). Tigera is my wild side. Depending on wether or not I get a job and have the money to, I'll be going to Anthrocon as Tigera. I go onto Furcadia, as Tigera. I'm a part of the All Fur Radio dream, they have great music. listen in to: http://www.furradio.allfurradio.com. If you are a furcadian you could whisper me or go to Allegria Island (AI). I'm also apart of DeviantArt (DA) as CierienV, and Furaffinity (FA) as Cierien. I've been working on a KH/KH2 story. So far only 2 chapters are up still working on ch. 3. Both chapters are on DA and FA. Not much else to say.