Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!! ^______^Yeah I know I usually post in light blue, but I figure in honor of the holiday I would use this color.  The colors of of Ireland.  I love this holiday a lot, mainly because I'm Irish and I am proud of my Irish herritage.  Today I worked on a picture today.  It's of my fursona Tigera in a traditional Irish Dancing Outfit.  The kilt she is wearing is of my family's clan.  I think it looks really good.  You can see it on my Furaffinity account.  I've also been listening to Celtic music all day.  You're probably saying, isn't Celtic Scottish music.  Well it's both Irish and Scottish music.  Which I really like.  I could never get tired of Celtic music.  I guess I would say it's because of both my Irish and Scottish herritage.  No I haven't drank yet, even though there is Irish beer at my house.  Also I'm 21 so don't worry.  I'm also wearing green so yeah, no pinching.  Yeah apparently if you aren't wearing green on this day you can be pinched.  Hmmm what else to say.  I guess not much.  Well I hope everyone enjoys this day, or at least trys to.  That's it for today post another time ^_^.


Well this morning my mom and one sister came into my room and my asked me for my cell phone.  I asked her why she needed it and she told me that she wanted it so she could see about getting me a new cell.  Which she did and I am happy about it.  I had my old one for almost 5 years.  That's one reason why i wanted a new cell.  The other reason was because my battery on my other cell was acting goofy.  I'm actually glad that my mom got me a new cell, cause I almost thought she wasn't since hers was the same age as mine and really didn't seem about caring to get a new one.

Besides a cell is cheaper then getting another battery.  I was gonna first get a new battery but when I went into the AT&T store in the mall the guy said that they didn't make them anymore and said it would just be better if I got a new cell anyways since I had it for 4 years, at that time.  Soon to be 5 in a couple weeks.

Anyways since I didn't know when I was gonna get my new cell, if I was gonna get one I told my bf to not call me.  Cause I didn't want him to call me while my mom still had my cell.  But after a couple of hours my mom and sister finally came home and I got a new cell.  It's a cell, it's blue too ^_^ my fav color.  It's a MOTOROLA Model K1.  It has 2 Megapixel Camera/Video, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, AT&T Music Folder with MP3 Player, Enhanced Messaging, and Download Capable.  Yeah this is a lot nice then my other one.  But of course my address book wasn't added to my new phone so I tried to figure out how to.  My sister said that I needed to add my sim card back to my old cell and write down the numbers that way.  But I knew there was a way to do it with out going through all that.  So I called my dad to see when he was coming home and when he did if he could help me transfer my numbers to my new phone.  Which he did.

I was gonna call my bf to let him know that I got my new cell, but I'm not sure which number in my address book is his cell or his house.  Since in my old cell with names that had more then one number in them they were put down twice.  And I don't wanna accidently call his house when trying to call his cell.  So i'm just gonna wait till he gets home from seeing a movie with his co-workers.

But yeah I'm finally happy that I got a new cell.  Welp that's about it so i'll post another time when i get a chance to.


Welp just like the title says today is my 21st birthday.  The main thing I did today was go out to eat with my dad for supper.  We went to Applebees, I got a sirloin, mash potatoes, and steamed broccoli.  To drink I had a Shirley Temple, my dad was surprised I didn't get red wine to have with my sirloin.  But it was still really good.  If you don't know, Shirley Temples are mainly Cherry Soda.  My dad said that I'm a really expensive date.  But I'm worth it since today was a special day.  I got a lot of birthday wishes from my friends and of course my boyfriend and family.  When i got onto furcadia today I got a Tygard digo for my birthday but it doesn't compare to the picture that my boyfriend drew for me.  It is of his male lion fursona, De'Mont coming out of a blue 3 layered cake saying Happy Birthday Tigera.  I love it sooooo much.  I can't wait to celebrate my birthday with him.  Next week I'm going out with my one brother's girlfriend for my birthday.  My boyfriend was also the first to wish my happy birthday.  Then on furcadia I recieved spams of Happy birthday from the All Fur Radio crew on furcadia.  All in all I had a really good birthday today.

Badges and pictures

Alright I have some old pictures that I HAVE to do and I've been putting off for a few years.  So I'll be be doing my required group Conbadges badge that i need to do for this month.  After that I told Onaiwolf on DA that I would do a Badge trade with her.  I told her I would do it after Christmas and recently I just told her after I'm done with my Conbadges badge for this round I would do hers.  So after I am done with those done with those badges I will be done badge wise for a while.

Now I just told a person on furcadia's dream, All Fur Radio, Markus Damone that I would do his picture first.  Then after I am done with his picture I will be doing another person from AFR picture.  Then after I'm done with that I'll be doing the other persons.  So as soon I'm doing that I may possibly work on some other old pictures.  I need to do my boyfriend's badge for his fursona and do his ref sheet.  I know your saying oh wait I thought you said no more badges for a while.  True I did say that, but that badge was an old one that I've worked on and haven't had time to finish.  Plus I also have my one brother's girlfriend's ref sheet for her fursona that i still need to do.

So before I accept any new or do any badges/pictures I need to do my old ones, just as soon as i get done with my last two badges.

Well that's it post another day when i feel like it.  Which will be soon.

New Story and Birthday

Well I guess I should start with the first topic of my title.  I first would like to mention to my readers of my KH story that I haven't forgotten about writting it.  I've just been busy with other stuff, plus haven't felt like working on it more.  At least for right now.

Anyways last night I was reading a furry story on FA by Vendetta_Leopard.  The one that I've been reading is called A Bump in the night.  It's pretty interesting.  But while reading it I was remembering how my boyfriend was saying how he doesn't like fanfics.  Which he says is my KH story.  But whatever, I remember him asking me if I could, could I write a story with using all original characters.  I told him that I probably could, I just haven't thought of one yet.  So last night as I was reading this story I was getting an idea for a new story.  This morning I was kinda thinking about making it a furry one, which would be interesting.  I think I have a few good ideas to at least get this story started.  I think maybe later today I'll start on chapter one.  After the first chapter is done.  I may just put it on my FA account.  Not sure yet if it'll be on DA yet.  But I guess depending on how well people like my new story on FA will tell me whether or not if I should continue working on my new story.  I mean what's the point on finishing a story if people don't like it.  But I'll let the first chapter up for a couple days and if it doesn't get a lot of reviews I won't do chapter two.  But I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.  Who knows maybe people will like it considering people like my KH story.  So apparently I'm a good writer.  But the truth is that everyone has different genres of stories that they like.  So they waiting will be a definate.

Now to talk about my second topic of my title, my birthday.  Yeah this month is my birthday and guess what I'm counting down to my birthday.  Nine more days till my birthday day, yay.  Now there are people who has been telling me oh you need to drink considering you are turning 21.  Well honestly you don't need to drink.  The biggest thing with turning 21 is that you are now legally old enough to drink.  That's the biggest thing with turning 21, not that you HAVE to drink.  Seriously, I've been told by a lot of people that I HAVE to drink since I'll be 21.  But honestly I don't feel like drinking on my birthday.  But still counting down to my birthday.  I also hope that one day my boyfriend will come to visit for my birthday.  Now it doesn't have to be on the day, but it would be nice if he did come for my birthday.  But there is something else special coming this month.  Which is our 2nd monthaversary on the 24th.  Can't wait till then either ^_^.

Welp that's all that I can think of to put on there.  I talked about both topics.  So I'll post another time, when i feel like it.

Cierien's Boyfriend

Hello, this is Cieriens Boyfriend, she was going to have me check to make sure that it is was still possible that she could get on, but she figured out what was wrong, but i still wanted to get on. Well so far things between us are great, I miss her greatly T_T but it is fine. I hope that I will be able to visit her for her birthday, but i may not be able to. Well thats all that I can think of, I wont be posting on her LJ again. Good bye all


First off I would like to say: CURSE THE ICE!  Yeah it's raining a lot year, which where I live which is in the mountain, it freezes and turns the ice.  Anyways....Today when I saw the ice I was like Craaaaap.  Yeah not a big fan of ice, since everytime we get a lot of ice our power goes out.  Guess what, I lost power at my house.  Once again I like to say: CURSE THE ICE!  So since everything in my house is electrical I had to call my dad on my cell phone, and that's hard since I don't have a lot of service at my house.  So anyways, I called him and told him that we lost power at the house.  He asked me who was all home.  I said only my sister and myself, but she was going to a doctor's appointment since she got pink eye.  So he told me to call my aunt to ask her if I could stay at her house.  Luckily I have power at her house, which is where I am right now.  After I got of the phone with my dad I called my aunt and told her and so I'm at her house, like I mentioned before.  Then I called my bf to let him know that I would be heading to my aunt's house since i lost power.  I thought he was at work, but he wasn't since the roads were bad where he lives as well.  I found that out while I was calling my brother to let him know, and to tell him just to stay at his gf's house.  So I pack my stuff and now I'm at my aunt's house.  I did other stuff that I needed to do.  So now I'm posting this up on here.  So I'll post another time.  Maybe at home.


Last night I had an interesting dream.  I think my family was out doing some last minute Christmas shopping and we went to this store.  My boyfriend was there with us.  Which was nice.  I Think he came to visit for our 1 monthaversary.  Anyways I went into this store with him and was looking for a gift for my two closet friends from school. I guess I was feeling bad that I not only drew a picture for my boyfriend, but I got him a gift as well.  While I just drew them a picture.So I was getting them a gift too.  I was looking at some DVD movies there, that looked interesting to me.  I was trying to figure out which one I wanted to get them.  Then I found the one I wanted to get them, but I didn't have enough money.  So I went out to get my aunt to lend me some money.  (Why I do not know).  When I got there my boyfriend was talking to my family and I wanted to spend some time with him.    My dad's mom came by and mentioned something so I wanted to get my gift for my friends and then head with her.  So I pulled on my boyfriend's arm to bring him with us into the shop.  I grabbed the movie that I wanted to get them and went up to the cashier table with my aunt.  While my boyfriend waited back for me.  While we were waiting to get rung up, my aunt was looking at some figurines that this one girl had and was talking about how nice they were.  I told her that I wasn't interested and they looked too expensive to get anyways.  Then I was looking back to my boyfriend a couple times winking at him and smiling at him as well, while my aunt was talking about these figurines with the girl.  And some how it turned into a talk about my boyfriend.  I could tell by the way my aunt was talking she really wasn't liking my boyfriend.  I mainly think that it was because I first met him online.

But that was my dream.  Yes I met my boyfriend online, but he's a sweet, caring, loving guy.  He has great qualities about him.  Plus to me, he looks cute.  Of course I have yet to tell my family that I do have a boyfriend.  Well he hasn't told his family yet either.  But he thinks that two of his sister's may know.  I think one may have an idea, cause she friended me on facebook.  Which is interesting.  Only one person in my family really knows that I have a boyfriend.  And that's one of my brother's girlfriend.

Yeah my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 weeks.  Our fourth week together is the 22nd and our one month is Christmas eve.  Every monthaversary that we have is on the 24th.  And every anniversary is on November 24th.  Which is nice, I do love him a lot.

Welp that's everything, I'll post another time.

Room on Meebo


I would like to let the anyone who is interested, especially furries.  You all heard of Meebo.com, right.  If not, it's a site with different Instant messagings.  Such as AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN, and of course Meebo.  Well on the Meebo one, there is a room called Furry Gathering.  This is my room, I made it a couple weeks ago.  And I'm trying to get more people in to the room.  So if you are interested, you are more then welcome to come in and join.  Also please tell your friends as well.  Thank you for taking interest in reading this.  This is all for now.  Post another time, and see you in my room, Furry Gathering.