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Ok, first I wanna say yes I know it has been I posted anything one here.  But I jsut didn't want to mention anything that's gone one with my life.  Anyways onto my topic.

Ok yesterday or the day before, when I was listening to All Fur Radio.  One of the AFR peeps was saying how they remember a song I do believe about superhereos.  Well I was trying to think what song had something like that.  So I went onto youtube since I still wanted to listen to AFR to see if by typing in a different titles that I would remember.  Which I did after a few tries.  The song of course was The Ultimate Showdown, which is an awesome song.  And I went onto watching different videos people had posted on the site to what they had done with the song.  If you never seen the video here is a link to the original:  It's basically about good guys and bad guys battling each other until one is standing.

Now yesterday after my aunt got to my house to pick me up since I was babysitting today and tomorrow.  I stayed up longer after I got to her house and when I went to bed around 10:00pm EST-10:30pm EST I had a couple dreams.  One I remember pretty well.  Now one thing you have to know about me is I seem to dream about something if I watch it right before I go to bed.  Why I have no clue, I'm weird that way.  Anyways your probably thinking now what does this dream have to do with that video.  Well I'll tell you:

In my dream I was in Gothem City, (yes you read that correctly).  And Batman was showing me around when he had to go off and fight.  (I still can't believe I had this dream).  Anyways when he got back I think it was Robin who was wonder why Batman was showing me the BatCave or something like that.  Well...Batman told Robin to leave me alone, which he did.  We continued with our tour.  (I don't know why but I had a strange feeling that it was turning into a "relationship thing").  During the tour I was asking him where he kept certain things, especially the items I didn't see.  Which he did show me where they were.  Later on in the dream I think I went off somewhere and I think it was the joker somehow got Batman to this one location.  I think the Joker said it had something to do with me.  Well by the time Batman got there he looked on at the building where the Joker told him I was and then the building blew up.  (Now this is where I was thing about the whole "relationship thing" came from or something).  But  Batman yelled out my name and the word no.  (I don't know how but).  I ended up behind him on the roof wondering what Batman was so upset about.  When he heard my voice he turned around and hugged me and said he was so glad I was alright.  (Now I'm kinda thinking it was my superhero self Morphic Cat that made it up on the roof.  If you ever heard of the show Who Wants to be a Superhero.  That's where she came from).

Anyways that's my dream that I had last night.  Now I understand that the human mind is still not full understood, but why the heck did I have a dream like that.  I still can't figure it out.  I mean yeah I do happen to like Batman.  But not in the "like" sense.  But then again somewhere in my subconscious I might have some kind of thing for him.  Who knows.  I still think I'm such a weird person.  And this will probably boggle my mind for a while.  And yes Batman was dressed as Batman and not shown as Bruce Wayne at all during my dream.

Well I do believe that's everything I want to post about that topic.  I'll post another time when I feel like it.  Also feel free to comment about this if you want.  Peace.

Tags: afr, aunt, batman, dream, joker, myself, robin, the ultimate showdown video, who wants to be a superhero
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