Cierien (cierien) wrote,

Good Things

On a lighter side to my last post things have been going pretty good for me.

Babysitting has been going pretty good for the most part.  I mean it can be frustrating when the oldest of the two that I watch doesn't always listen, but it's getting better for me.  It's nice getting paid for it.  My normal days I babysit on Thrusdays and Fridays from 6:30am to3:30pm.  But tomorrow during the same times I will be babysitting, that's cause my cousin's wife's dad's in the hospital so they need someone for Monday.  I told them that I would.

I wanna also mention that since I'm getting paid that I'm got my car savings going again. $454 so far, which is nice.

Another good thing is that on Thursday I had a job interview at Weis Markets close to where I live. Anyways it went really well. They still have more interviews this week and then they have to call the manager over at where I lived for a month. Then I should hear back for them  when that's all done.  Which I have a good feeling that I will hear back from them.  Which will be really nice cause that mean I'll have my car sooner then you know.  Yay ^_^.

Also on Thursday while I was babysitting, my cousin's one cat had her babies.  They are so cute, she had four babies. An Orange one, a light tan one, and 2 black and white ones.  Even though I think that the last kitten kind of dulled.  Which at first scared me cause when I found them again, yeah she moved them.  Anyways when I found them I notice only three of them.  I was hoping nothing bad had happened to the little one.  Then I noticed it when they went to feed.  I even got to help some while they were being born.  I was mainly moving them around.  It was just amazing and I shall never forget.

I also want to mention that we finally I do believe got rid of Cali's fleas.  But we weren't the only ones with animals and fleas.  My brother, cousin, my dad's employee, and there was another I think but can't remember.  But they all relied on Frontline plus.  We didn't cause we don't have the money.

Well I do believe that's all the good things that I have for right now.  I'll post another time.

Tags: baby kittens, cali, jobs, money
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