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Now before people start freaking out.  I don't have swine flu. Now, about three weeks, some how I caught a cold from the weekend at the highland games.  Well at first I'm thinking alright not too bad, few days it'll be over.  One week past and I didn't think much of it.  Second week past meh, not too worried.  Some would say "oh you have the flu."  Nah, cause I know when I have the flu you throw up.  But I haven't yet.  Tomorrow will make week three.  Anyways yesterday the right side where my sinus is started to hurt.   Of course it still hurts.  When I was talking with my aunt on our way to my house after church.  And she said that I probably have a sinus infection.  Which can be good and bad. Good cause I know why i'm sick.  Bad 'cause having a sinus infection is no fun.  How do I know this, cause I had one before.  And how I found out was when i went to the hospital during my wreck.  Well my aunt said it should go away itself.  Which I'm hoping 'cause the last time I had one it didn't.  So hopefully things go well for me.
Tags: sinus infection
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