Cierien (cierien) wrote,

Ligonier Highland Games

Wooo, next weekend is the highland games for around here. I can't wait it's gonna be a lot of fun. When my family and I use to first go we left really early, 'cause my great-grandma on my dad's dad side wanted to go as well, and we always had a picnic table reserved for the sept. Then we just started to go in the afternoon since us kids got older and were too old for the kids games. Well my one sister for this year wants to go early again so her oldest can do the kids games.

Well last night while my dad was working on my laptop. Apparently i might have gotten a virus. So he was getting rid of it for me. Anyways he told me that now we're leaving a day early since he needs to be there to help out with the clan entries. But one nice thing about doing this, is that we get to stay in a hotel. My dad said that I don't have to stay the whole time at the tent, I can go watch my nephew do the kids games.

While I'm at the Highland games I will be taking pictures. And posting them when we get back. Anyways thes highland games are from September 11th-13th. So I'm not fully sure if we'll be there on the 13th or not, but definitly on the 11th and 12th.

Well that's everything, and I'll make a journal another time.
Tags: highland games, next weekend
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