Cierien (cierien) wrote,

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is awesome.  I discover this online game while on another online game called:  To get to the site go to  I'm and owner there.  My owner name is Cierien.  My monster's name is Tigaba.  So join and and friend me.  Moshi monster's is fun.  You can play games to ear Rox which is the money.  You can buy clothes for your Moshi Monster, you can dress in the dress up room.  Buy stuff for your room, and food of course.  One thing you can definitly buy moshling seeds and plant them in your garden.  As long as your Moshi Monster is happy the plants will grow fast.  Pay attention to the bird, it'll help you with what plant that a moshling is interested in.  Well not much else to say.  The game will help you out while you play.  Make sure you check me out.  Post another time.
Tags: moshi monsters
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